How to Study On This School

Studying Online Via Distance Learning

In order to study on the GBM Fivefold Business School you first need to complete a Student Application:

Once you have applied you will hear from us within a few days confirming if you have been accepted into the school or not. If you chose to study via Distance Learning then your studies need to be completed online.

Once you have been accepted you will be required to make your first monthly payment. Each month after payment is made, you will be given access to several lessons for the month that you can study online through this website.

Please note: In order to study online you are required to have an internet connection and sufficient data for watching or downloading videos.

If you are located in South Africa and attending a course live with us, then you will also be given access to the lessons online for reviewing and submitting projects. You can learn more about live classes on the Live Classes page here:

Accessing Lessons

To access your lessons you will first need to login to the website using the link at the top of the website that says "Click Here to Login".


Once you click this you will be given a login page. You must then login to the website using the Email and Password that you chose when you filled out your student application.

(Please note that our system is case sensitive. Type your password exactly as it was given when you signed up.)


Once you have logged in it will say at the top of the website "Welcome (Your Name Here)". This means that you have successfully logged into the website. If you do not see this then you have not been logged into the website.


Once you have logged in you can access your course lessons by going to the page link that says "My Lessons". This link can be found on the home page of the website or by using the "Website Map" button.


On the My Lessons page you will see listed all the lessons you have access to so far, and next to each one will be a link to "View Lesson". Clicking this link will take you into the lesson. Each lesson contains links for watching or downloading both Video and Audio versions of the lesson, as well as any additional study notes or ebooks included with the course.


In each lesson you will find the following links:

Lecture Videos/Audios are the official videos for the lesson. You are required to watch or listen to these, in order to study the lesson.


Lecture Trascripts are PDF downloads of Ebooks, Transcripts of the lesson, or any additonal notes included with the lesson.

Live Class Videos/Audios are additional videos taken during one of our live classes. They will usually be footage of students sharing their project live or asking questions. These are not always necesary to watch in order to complete the lesson, however they are there for your own interest.


Submitting Projects For Marking

Your Student Project can be found at the bottom of each lesson in text form. Please read through the project and commit yourself to study what is asked of you. Once you have completed the project then you can submit it to us using the link below the project.


Under the project is a link to submit the project to your lecturer for marking. The link will take you to a page where you can put your project into a text box and submit it.

(We recommend writing your student projects offline and saving them first before you submit them to us. You can then paste it into the text box and submit it to us, because if the project does not go through then you will lose it.)



Once you have submitted your project you will see another page confirming that the project has been sent and that you will hear back from us shortly. Please allow some time for a response from your lecturer as they are busy with other students also.


The Study Process

So here is the full study process that you will take with each lesson.

1. Download the transcripts/Ebooks first and save them to your computer or mobile device. You can then start reading them.

2. Watch the Lectures from the lesson in video form or listen to them if you wish.

3. After this you may also watch the Live Class Videos.

4. Once you have viewed all that is available for the lesson, you can read the student project and write down your answers.

5. Submit your project to your lecturer for marking using the link at the bottom of the lesson.

6. Once you have submitted your project you will receive an email confirming that we have received it, then you just need to wait until your lecturer responds to your project. This can take some time, depending on how busy your lecturer is.

7. Once your project is marked, you will receive an email with the comments from your lecturer.

We recommend submitting only 1 project a week, but you may proceed to watch the next lesson while you wait for your project to be marked.

Additional Questions

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to write to us at any time or contact us on WhatsApp at +27 76 326 9105.


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