Curriculum For GBM Business School

Curriculum For GBM Business School

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Here is a complete breakdown of all the subjects that you will study on the Fivefold Business Calling


First Year - Bachelor of Fivefold Business

Business School Bachelor

Four Weeks To Prosperity - 4 week Course

Four Weeks  To Prosperity

Four Weeks With God In Business - 4 week Course

Four Weeks With God in Business

The God Way To Wealth - 5 week Course

God Way to Wealth

Fulfill Your Destiny - 5 week Course

Fulfill Your Destinuy

Keys to Self-Motivation - 6 week Course

Kesy to Self Motivation

God Kind of Business - 5 week Course

The God Kind og Business

Total Course Length : 29 Weeks (6-7 months)

Second Year - Master of Fivefold Business

Curriculum To Be Announced...

A new lesson will be added each week, giving a total of 4 lessons per month. For live students the first two lessons will be given at the live classes. The next two lessons will be made available online for students to go through before attending the next live session.

In this way, both live and distance students may cover the exact same course lessons. 

Live students who have difficulty with watching additional lessons online due to data, may choose to use the audio or text options for the lectures to avoid large data usage. 

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